Narrowed Visions

Unique & Avant-Garde Bespoke Corsetry

2015.... and beyond!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Narrowed Visions brand new website! Firstly I would like to wish you all a happy 2015 and to thank you for coming to visit.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nikki and I design and create the strange and beautiful things you see here. This site has been a while in the making and I will be keeping it packed with all the latest projects and information. For a slightly less formal view of activities you can step over to the Narrowed Visions Facebook page or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. It would be really great to see you there too.

My love affair with corsets began with a costume project more than 10 years ago. I came to the horrible realisation that I couldn’t have the ensemble made for me at short notice so I decided to have a go. Surprisingly I discovered I had a talent and things have kind of spiralled since then.

2013 saw the launch of the Narrowed Visions brand name and its Facebook page and was just the start of it. 2014 saw me visiting with, and re-creating the famous Sanakor Plunge corset. This particular corset is utterly unique and very beautiful and I just had to bring it out of the museum and back into the world. Since then I have worked to re imagine this amazing garment and I will continue to take it forward for your delight.

2014 also saw the launch of a new accessory in the form of coloured corsetry busks, both for use in my own work and also available to other makers via the Narrowed Visions Etsy store. These items are made possible due to a unique process from good friends over at GWR Fasteners and their patented Colourfast technique. These products are a first in the corset world, you can only get them here and I am currently looking to expand the range of metalwork available to give makers and wearers alike even further scope for variation and wow factor!

Last year saw me able to work with the wonderful Evie Wolfe, Scott Chalmers and My Boudoir Photography to create some truly dazzling images of my work in amazing settings. I have also had the privilege of having work photographed in the Sparklewren Studio by the lovely Jenni Hampshire have attended the first 2 years of the Oxford Conference of Corsetry; a delight that will be repeated this year and hopefully many years to come.

Going forward I will be continuing the work with the Sanakor plunge, experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my own ability and corsetry in general and creating works of art on commission to give you that special something.

So, take a wander round, be inspired and then drop me a line when you are ready. Let’s see what we can create together. Thanks for joining me!